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Phone Systems

Phone Systems

Phone systems for businesses and large institutions

Phone systems for business

Seamless integration between office, mobile and home working. Call groups, call queuing, digital receptionists and advanced call flow management.

The Halo Digital team have extensive experience in designing, installing, and maintaining phone systems for a varity of business sectors. We recognize the significance of reliable and efficient communication. Therefore, we offer telephony services that ensure safe and secure internal and external calls.

VoIP solutions that go beyond a traditional phone system

Unlimited calls to 01, 02, 03 and UK mobile numbers

4 simultaneous calls

Unlimited Users

Ideal for small businesses

£110 per month

ex VAT | 36 Month Term

8 simultaneous calls

Unlimited Users

Ideal for medium sized companies

£200 per month

ex VAT | 36 Month Term

16 simultaneous calls

Unlimited Users

Ideal for large organisations

£380 per month

ex VAT | 36 Month Term

24/7 UK technical support

Receive expert technical support from our friendly professionals located right here in the UK. Join our portfolio of businesses who trust Halo Digital for their communications needs.

Super clear HD audio

Enjoy high-quality audio in real-time during phone calls, video conferences and anouncements. Push notifications for smart phones and seamless integration into your phone's contacts. The most advanced SIP client on the market. Chat features and presence as standard.


Take advantage of advanced software security capabilities leveraging proven and dependable hardware. Your cloud PBX is secured with an independent firewall and cutting edge security features including anti hacking and SIP attack rejection. All SIP trunks include fraud prevention.


Reliability is essential when it comes to your communication system.

VoIP technology facilitates easy and seamless communication for staff members, whether they are working within the office or on the go.

3CX Cloud Hosted PBX

3CX is an open standards communications solution that offers complete Unified Communications, out of the box. Suitable for any business or industry, 3CX can accommodate your every need.

Save up to 80% on traditional phone system costs

Remote workers or employees out of the office can make phone calls free of charge with the 3CX softphone and mobile apps. Connect phone systems of remote offices, improve communication, and make interoffice phone calls free of charge.

Easy to manage on-premises or in the cloud

Available from 4 to 1024 simultaneous calls, 3CX gives you control over your business communications and lets you enjoy all the features of a full Unified Communications solution. Hosted by Halo Digital in our  Tier 3, Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant data centre.

A smart phone system with cutting edge features

Deploy unlimited users and extensions saving you time and money. Integration with popular desktop apps as standard.  3CX systems are secure, reliable and easy to manage.

what Our clients say

"Great to work with a company that has not lost the personal touch. Not only do we have a 3CX hosted system and SIP trunks from Halo Digital we also recommend them to our large customer base."​
"After working with Halo Digital for many years they always look after our every need day or night. Response is always fast and service is exceptional."
""Staff are professional and friendly always going above and beyond to solve our problems quickly and without impacting our business. Always available on the phone to help with out of hours support. Great service and really knowledgeable, would recommend without hesitation."
"Super impressed with our new phone system. Setup was seamless with no down time and it's more competitive than our previous system with loads mroe features. Cannot recommend enough. Thanks for a super easy install and your excellent ongoing support."


Take advantage of our lowest-ever price for phone system solutions

We take care of software patches, security updates, and hardware upgrades as needed.

Exceptional value for money

At Halo Digital, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional value for money. Our services deliver performance, reliability, and an exceptional user experience, all at an affordable and fair price point.

Unlimited calls and users

We are diffrent from most SIP Trunk and VoIP providers. We charge for simultaneous calls regardlss of users on site.

Limitless configuration options

Our system can be customized in an extensive range of ways to meet the specific needs and preferences of your school.

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PBX phone systems

A PBX or Public Branch Exchange Telephone System is what many people would refer to as a ‘traditional’ phone system. Unlike a ‘hosted’ system where all of the call routing, etc, is ‘in the cloud’ and delivered via the internet, a PBX is located in your office with telephone lines and extensions wired to it.

Although the industry is now very much focused on ‘hosted’ cloud solutions, there are some cases where a PBX is the preferred option. For example large call centres with hundreds of extensions, remote rural locations where the broadband isn’t fast enough for VoIP, or a hotel where direct software integration is needed. In these cases we can provide an on-site system.

VoIP - Voice over IP

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a term that covers a number of different applications. Essentially VoIP is the use of the internet to transport your voice data between different locations. This can result in a dramatic cost reduction, tremendous flexibility, and improved productivity.

You may be moving offices and not be able to retain your telephone number due to the distance you are moving. You can with a VoIP solution from Halo Digital. We can port your BT numbers into our system so you can take them wherever you like.

SIP trunking

SIP trunks are telephone line trunks delivered over IP networks using the SIP protocol. By using this standard protocol, telecom service (VoIP) providers connect one or more channels to your PBX. Phone numbers and DIDs are linked to the SIP trunk. The benefits range from significantly lower call charges and monthly line rental to flexibility and our excellent customer service.

Got some questions?

Our team is dedicated to providing prompt and thorough assistance to all of your enquiries. Whether you prefer to reach us by phone, email, or through our contact form, we are readily available to respond to any questions or concerns you may have.

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    Our systems are robust, secure and reliable

    At Halo Digital, we recognize the significance of offering our clients a comprehensive selection of telecommunication solutions. To achieve this, we have worked tirelessly to establish partnerships with numerous providers, enabling us to present a broad range of products and services to our valued customers.


    Most frequent questions and answers

    How does VOIP technology work?

    VoIP is a communication technology that utilizes the internet to transmit phone calls. By converting analogue voice signals to digital signals, VoIP can transmit data over your broadband line. This technology is cost-effective because digital signals are more efficient than analogue signals.

    Are VoIP phones secure?

    VoIP technology relies on your broadband network to make calls, and the security of your phone network is dependent on the security of your internal network. To ensure the security of your VoIP system, it is essential to prioritize security measures during its implementation. At Halo Digital Ltd, we place a strong emphasis on security when assessing your system for VoIP readiness, so you can be assured that your phone network is protected against potential security breaches.

    Is it possible to utilise your current Fibre or ADSL line?

    Certainly, it is possible to use your existing Fibre or ADSL line, provided that you have available bandwidth. However, the number of calls you can make at any given time will depend on the amount of spare capacity available on your line. We recommend consulting with our experts regarding the Quality of Service to ensure optimal voice experience. They can provide guidance and recommendations to ensure the best possible audio quality for your VoIP phone system.

    Will a VOIP phone system save our business money?

    A VoIP phone system can save money in several ways. Traditional phone systems require costly on-premises equipment, whereas VoIP systems can be set up and managed through software on your computer, reducing hardware expenses. Our systems transmit calls over the internet, bypassing the traditional phone network and reducing costs of long-distance and international calls. Calls to 01/02/03 & UK Mobiles are free.

    Can staff make calls from home or while they are out and about?

    With VoIP systems, remote staff can access the same phone system as their in-office colleagues from anywhere with an internet connection. This eliminates the need for additional phone systems or costly hardware. By using our smart app, you can work from any device with an internet connection, providing even more flexibility and mobility for remote staff members.

    Is it possible to transfer my current telephone numbers to a VoIP system?

    Absolutely, we can facilitate the transfer of your current telephone numbers to our VoIP phone system, managing the porting process on your behalf. During the setup, we will assign a temporary number, which you can redirect your current telephone number to. We will then handle the porting process in the background, which will be completed in a few working days.

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    More than just a phone system provider - our range of offerings also includes leased lines, hardware sales and cloud hosted solutions.

    Leased lines

    Leased lines offer several benefits, including higher bandwidth, consistent performance, and improved security.

    Broadband options

    We make our connectivity solutions affordable, reliable and scalable. This is all backed by our extensive expertise and quality support.

    Microsoft 365 Business

    Microsoft 365 for Business provides solutions that create an environment for success both in and out of the office.