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Hardware solutions

The computer hardware in your business has a huge impact on how you work. Having the right servers, print solutions, phone systems and computer hardware can help move your company in the right direction.

Network servers

Your server allows you to store, share, control and protect your key business information from a central point. Use our expertise to buy at competitive prices. Server hardware will last around five years and can bring enormous benefits to centralised working. The process of comparing and evaluating computer hardware for your business can be frustrating. We can help make sense of all the technical information so you can make the right decision in finding the best solution.  

Network infrastructure

We know IT infrastructure is a key element to your business.  We use high quality and realiable solutions to give your core network resilience and high availability.  We offer everything you need to face your network challenges head-on, from rock solid brands to customized solutions. Get in touch today to find out what Halo Digital can do for your business.  

Business computers

Stay connected with computing that’s easy and inspiring. We provide desktop, laptop, ultra-book or tablet computers. Mid-range desktop computers will realistically last four to five years. Get all the latest models and great deals on desktop PCs right here.    

Custom PC builds

We don’t just provide the normal business computers but can also custom build performance systems for high end game production and video editing. Our extensive knowledge of processor options, raid arrays and graphices cards will help bring your projects to life faster than ever before.     Hardware sales is just one of the areas we can offer you a cost effective solution. We source your hardware through our hand picked network of distribution partners and get you the best deal. You tell us what you want to order and we’ll get you a competitive quote.